I developed a passion for woodworking when I was 15 years old and decided to study joinery as a profession. In my free time I started to play electric bass in a few bands, with styles ranging from rock to jazz with a hint of funk.
After a few years working out of school I lived for 7 years in the USA near Chicago. I became more and more interested in music and instrument making , which led me to build my first electric basses. Those instruments were the first in a line of projects I worked on in collaboration with local musicians whose specifications were unique to each person. This was a very positive experience that motivated me to take it further.
Since my return to the Anjou region of France, I continue to work and share that passion. I pay particular attention to the choice of wood as well as the design of each instrument. As for the electronics and hardware, I order those from a supplier specialized in high end electric guitar parts.

Each instrument I make is unique as much for its design as for the tonality of its wood. Playability, great sound and an ergonomic design are among the advantages of the instruments I build.

Fabien Gilbert