Building an electric bass

Here is one of my latest projects, a 4 string bass with a Elm burl top, a rare wood in guitar making despite its natural beauty. The neck is going to be made out of Maple and Wenge and the body will be made out of curly maple.

065 (2)006

After selecting the wood I started to cut it according to the plan previously made, Elm burl is not easy to deal with due to the fact that its grain is obviously not straight at all. I then shaped the Maple wings using a shaper and a plywood template that matches the plan.


In order to add some contrast I glued some blackened pear wood veneer on the wings before gluing the elm top.

063 (2)IMG_1812Even though it is far from being finished, it is always rewarding when you can start guessing  the look and charisma of an instrument.

In the meantime I also prepared the neck which is made out of Maple and Wenge then shaped it and routered the truss rod groove.

029I also made one for a prototype.

031Here you can see the wings, the neck and fingerboard together,everything is looking good and ready for the next step !!

035After a dry clamping to make sure that joints are perfectly straight I glue the wings to the neck.

036There I am shaping the instrument. It is a very long process that takes up to a few days, I use only hand tools such as rasps, files, chisels…I pay a great deal of attention to the balance and ergonomics of the instrument.

IMG_1986Once this is over I shape the Ebony finger to perfectly fit the neck and prepare it for gluing.



10 April 2015